About Us


About Us

The Building Excellence Foundation’s inception began with the owner of Giant Oil and Giant Communication’s eagerness to make deep-rooted change inspired by decades of cultivating customer relationships inside its convenience stores and Metro stores. Through the years, Giant’s customers have shared stories of their lives with the ones they see almost daily, our front-line staff. Through those conversations and community involvement, we had great insight into the evident discrepancy of opportunities for communities that begin earlier in their lives.


One of the most significant and common issues is the need for educational opportunities for young students, specifically in the STEAM field. Many schools across the U.S. need modern educational resources to ignite the fire that will allow them to achieve things they could only imagine. We aim to provide those resources by building our COEGI labs that include a range of technology from basic to more advanced tech found in higher education.


Seven different studies show: children who study computer science perform better in other subjects, excel at problem-solving, and are 17% more likely to attend college.

According to a study released by CODE.ORG

Our Misson

The Building Excellence Foundation’s mission is to build foundations for schools and students with the tools to hone creative and technical skills and evolve. That includes necessities like tablets and computers, a standard for several schools, and advanced technology to explore the various fields under the STEAM division. We believe inventiveness and knowledge of natural world practices tailored with the right tools and guidance is the quintessential formula to inspire the next great generation of innovators. Introducing students to new experiences and encouraging innovation can lead them to be the next Pixar Animators, NASA Engineers, Gameplay Designers, Food Chemists, Astronomers, Archeologists, Botanists, and endlessly more.

Our core values

Our mission’s ethos is sourced from our team’s and communities’ hearts and translated into a few fundamental values. Our fundraising efforts to supply students and schools with valuable equipment and resources will drive students to pursue careers and passions that positively affect our world and citizens. We understand drive needs to be ignited, not just expected, and we encompassed our belief and values within one word, COEGI, and coined our Labs after it.